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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Under My Bed!

One odd night there was something under my bed. It made a lot of noise. But I thought it was me making that noise. It wasn't me! I might sound crazy but it was my little Prayer Bear. But their was a shadow in my room it looked like a m-m-m-monster. Laugh all you want but it was true. But it was my dad he was the monster. I was crazy to think that their was a monster in my room if their was my family wouldn't want to stay at my house. I'm so glad that there wasn't a monster in my room!! That would've been creepy!!! That was the craziest dream of my whole entire life. It was a hilarious dream. I would've been scared to death if that was a real dream. Holy moly that was an awful dream. I'm glad I'm never gonna have that dream again!!That was an awesome dream. But since my family was fine in the dream then I'm fine!! I'm glad it wasn't real. I wouldn't go one day without my whole entire family. I'm glad I still have my family when I have a bad scary dream.

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Abby said...

My aunt said " My post was awesome!!