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Friday, October 17, 2014

Molly the Fire Safety Dog Skype

OES 2nd graders skyped with Molly the Safety dog and her owner Dayna Hilton from Arkansas. Dayna is pictured below with flags from the countries she has skyped with. She will be adding Greece to her list next. Today outside of her clubhouse she was flying the Indiana flag for us!  The students learned many interesting facts about Dalmatians and discussed smoke alarms, practicing fire drills at home, having a meeting place, and having 2 ways out. Dayna went through the steps to take when the smoke alarm goes off at home. The students were also able to see Molly do some tricks.  Ms. Hilton is the director of Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation and has been featured in USA Today, People magazine, and on PBS Kids. What an awesome Skype!!!  Check out the website: 

Watch Molly playing piano:

Fire Department

Mystery Reader!

He did a fantastic job reading Arthur's Halloween!