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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

21st Century Skills

Well, it is very hard for me to choose only one 21st Century skill as being most important for my students' lives outside the classroom.  I am very much an advocate of teaching 21st Century skills.  If I have to choose one, I would choose communication.  Communication is a skill that is required in pretty much any level of job that you have, along with being needed with one's spouse, children, family members, and friends.  I want my students to know how to use technology as a way to communicate with others.  That is why I do many of the things I do with my students, including blogging, emailing, and other ways of posting information online.  We talk a lot about  how we are sharing our information with a global audience.

I'm not sure what my Technology Infusion Plan will consist of yet but communication is key in any type of project.  I could have my students blog, email, post in padlet, communicate a message through voicethread, blabberize, or voki.  My students could make a Google slide presentation and present to the class.  The way I would assess one of these activities would probably be by using a rubric.