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Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Dreams!!

One of my dreams is I lived on a land of cotton candy and gum drops and every kind of candy

that you could think of. I lived in a castle of cotton candy and gummy bears. There was a queen

as my mother with a star burst dress with a crown made of skittles. I had a little sister just the

same as my mother. Pretty,pleasant,and she had the name of Abigail. She looked exactly

like my friend Abby at school. She is pretty,pleasant,and she is my bustiest friend ever. She's

there when I'm hurt, she's there when I'm sad, she's there when I'm happy! What I'm trying to say is she's always there for me. When I do something in gymnastics that's new to me she says

"Alli, you can do this" also when I do something right, she always claps for me. What I'm trying

to say is she's my friend!!

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Abby said...

Alli I love your post. I read your post to my aunt and her family and my family . I absulutely.