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Monday, July 21, 2014

Tech Course Reflection

In this course I read a lot of information about problem-based and project-based learning.  Although the information I read did not provide me any ideas on what to use in my classroom, it caused me to think more about it.  It is definitely my hope to use this in the upcoming school year.  Being made to transform a lesson helped me make that start.  I really like the geometry lesson that I revamped and I think my students will love it.

I think the stakeholder assignment that we had to do will be the most helpful in my professional situation.  I wrote mine as a parent letter and I think that the parents will be interested in knowing why I use so much technology in the classroom.

As far as the information being used in the rest of our school corporation, I am a member of the tech leadership team in which we are trying to bring in a 1:1 initiative.  All the reading that I did in this course will come in handy as far as being able to explain why technology is important.