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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Top 3 Reasons Teachers Must Integrate Technology

Technology is everywhere you turn.  Our students' lives are immersed in technology.  The following are my top 3 reasons teachers must integrate technology:

1.  Gone are the days (thank goodness) of the teacher standing up at the front of the classroom and talking, talking, talking.  Students need to be engaged in learning activities where they are free to solve problems, collaborate, and think critically.  The role of the teacher is no longer the teller but the motivator and coach of the student, guiding students through meaningful activities.  When students are engaged, they are happy and will love learning and coming to school everyday.  Not only that, but the teacher is too!

2.   With the use of technology, possibilities are endless and are not limited to the pages of a book or the thoughts of a teacher.  It is unbelievable to me that any question I have about something can pretty much be solved just by Googling it.  Each year I think of different projects my students can do because technology is constantly changing and evolving.  Just as an example, check out Skype for Education and you will see that others are out there waiting to collaborate with your class on a project that your students will never forget.

3.  Technology is the future for our students.  In order for students to compete in a global marketplace, they must be tech-savvy.  If children learn tech skills while they are young, it will just be second nature for them when they are in college or out there competing for a job.  

Thinking about integrating technology might seem a little scary or nerve-wracking to some educators but there are very simple steps one can take.  If you are an educator who is timid about integrating technology, just try one thing at a time.  Start small.  Partner up with another educator.  Read educational blogs or look around on Teacher Pay Teachers.  The lesson ideas are out there in masses!  Do it for your students because their futures depend on it.

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