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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 3

Another big day in 2nd grade! Today we learned how to use the ActivExpressions!  We used them in a Brainpop Jr. quiz after we watched the lesson on short vowels that goes with our spelling words for the week.  We also listened to some really fun short vowel songs in a flipchart that we did on the activboard.  We reviewed ABC order to the first letter using an activboard flipchart.  Today we took our first math 5 minute test and guess what! Two students passed on the first try!!!  We read and discussed our first story (The Twin Club).  We learned about setting, genre (realistic fiction), and author's purpose.  We also learned that sentences have subjects and predicates, begin with a capital, and end with punctuation.  We talked about personal narratives and did a prewriting activity for getting ready to write our own narratives.  In science we learned all the important things that plants need to survive and also learned plant parts and their functions.  In math we solved word problems by drawing pictures and writing number sentences.  We practiced our speaking standard today by being videoed for an open house project that (if it works, cross your fingers!) is gonna be super awesome.  And....the coolest thing of all, we blogged today for the first time!!!!!! Yay!  So, it was a very full day of learning....anyone tired besides me?! :)

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