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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My New Seats/Storage Crates

These are the supplies I purchased to make my 4 seats.  I got the crates from Walmart for $3 and something each.  I also got the material, ribbon, and foam mattress pad at Walmart.  The lady in the material department was super helpful.  All my material I found on clearance.  The plywood was purchased at Home Depot.  They cut it for me but in order to fit into the top of the crate, I had to have my father-in-law round the edges on his saw.  They could not do that at Home Depot. The man at Home Depot also suggested I buy nuts, bolts, and brackets to put in for reinforcement but after seeing how tightly the boards fit, I did not need to use these.

This mattress pad would probably make about 8 crates in all with some left over.

Lay the piece of plywood on top of the foam an cut around it.
Lay the foam and on top of the material and the board on top of the foam.

The lady at Walmart recommended that I cut cardboard and then fold the fabric over it.  Pull tight and use a staple gun to staple to the board. Do opposite sides like I did in the picture.

When you have all sides stapled, loop a ribbon and staple.

Here is the finished product! Wasn't hard to do.  Gathering the supplies was probably the most difficult part. 

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